Directions to Lake Lenape


To the Boathouse

Take Route 40 into Mays Landing.

Go past the first traffic at the Dunkin Douhnuts on the right.

At the next traffic light, (WaWa), turn left onto Old Harding Highway.

Follow Old Harding Highway. The entrance to Atlantic County Park will be on your left.

Turn left into the park and follow road to the boathouse.

For Spectators

Take Route 40 into Mays Landing. Route 50 and Route 40 merge at the traffic light near McDonalds.

Stay straight on Routes 40/50.

Continue with Route 50 North for about 1.5 miles.

Turn left onto 13th Street. At the end of 13th Street will be Young's Skating Center. To the left of Young's will be the driveway to Lenape Park and Lakeview Manor.

Follow the driveway to the parking area.

There is a fee for parking in the lot. In the past, the fee has been $5.00.

This fee helps to cover some of the costs of running the regattas at Lake Lenape.

If you choose not to pay the $5.00 to park in the lot and choose to park on the street, you may come back to your car to find a parking ticket worth a lot more than $5.00 and they may choose to tow your car. This is all done without warning.

You have been warned!